Farewell, Pak Hengky

Mr. Henrikus Saka or we called him Pak Hengky, one of the senior teachers in Wisma Bahasa, passed away on Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. We were shocked and disbelief, for we knew he was still teaching the week before, even he came to Wisma Bahasa that Saturday morning.

Wisma Bahasa lost him deeply. Pak Hengky has worked as a teacher in Wisma Bahasa for 25 years, since 1994 until today. He has assisted hundreds of students, has dedicated thousands of hours to teach bahasa Indonesia. His total attention, exceeded Wisma Bahasa’s standard, It is no denying that his students were his heart and joy. Dozens of students have experienced the warmth of his family when they were invited to his house and feast on his wife’s cooking.

Pak Hengky was a phenomenal man, that was loved, is missed, and will always be cherished. he had a vivacious personality and always made people around her laugh. We, his colleagues in Wisma Bahasa, see Pak Hengky as an amiable and high-spirited senior with the unique way of greetings. We will miss the way he greeted us, scolded us, the way he sang his favorite songs during the class break, moreover to his advice.

Farewell Pak Hengky, you will be missed. Have a good rest in God’s peace. Your dedication will inspire us to continue the work.

Wisma Bahasa family

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