Wisma Bahasa held a gathering to reminisce our late friend and teacher, Hendrikus Saka (Pak Hengky). This gathering was attended by teachers, staff, and students especially those who had him as their teacher. In addition to this, this event was also specially  attended by Pak Hengky’s family members: Bu Ning (wife), Rico (1st child), Tia (2nd child), and Marcus (3rd child).

Hired in 1993, Pak Hengky had served for more than 25 years and had hundreds of students. Behind his laughter, he was known as lively, amiable, funny, and super passionate person;  he became not only a teacher but also a parent for his colleagues. He did not hesitate to greet everyone with his fiery yet lovely spirit. He is our true inspiration.   

This gathering was opened by an introductory remark from our director, Agus Soehardjono, then continued by eulogies from teachers, staff, and students. In the end of agenda, Wisma Bahasa gave memorial present to the family as the form of our gratitude to Pak Hengky, for his dedication in teaching at Wisma Bahasa.

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