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Field Trip to Kulon Progo

It is no doubt that Kulon Progo has abundant natural tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Recently, Wisma Bahasa got a special opportunity to enjoy some of them as we were invited to join the ‘Fam Tour’ program. This program was organized by Department of Tourism of Kulon Progo Regency and specifically aimed to promote Kulon Progo’s pristine natural tourist attractions as well as its local culture.

We hiked up to Puncak Kleco and witnessed the breath-taking scenery from the height. Our next destination was Gua Kiskendo (Kiskendo Cave). We could feel the peaceful ambience as the stalagtites and stalagmites welcomed once we went inside. After exploration, still at the cave area, we enjoyed a ballet performance titled “A Story of Sugriwa and Subali”, a story about about two wanara brothers (wanara: humanoid magical monkey) that fight each other. While watching the performance, we were enjoying our lunch and practicing Indonesian with other participants. At the end of our journey, we were visiting, Ayunan Langit (Sky Swing). This destination is considered as the most popular one in Kulon Progo. By sitting on the bench, we had adrenalin rush from swinging at an elevation of 2788 feet. 

Kulon Progo would definitely be a well-spent destination for you if you are coming to Yogyakarta. It takes approximately an hour from central Yogya and is accessible by public transportation as well.

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