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Discussion Class by Dr. Kailani

Last week, Wisma Bahasa hosted special guest lecturer Najib Kailani. Dr. Kailani is a lecturer at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University Yogyakarta) and was invited to conduct a special discussion class entitled Islam, Politik, dan Wacana Kebangsaan (Islam, Politics, and National Discourse). He is an expert in Islamic Anthropology and was invited to share his research experience with our students. Among other topics, the discussion led by Dr. Kailani covered the various branches of Islam practiced in Indonesia as well as introducing Indonesian prominent religious figures.

This discussion class was special in many ways. Not only was the presenter a renown scholar, the discussion aimed to substantially enrich students’ vocabulary as well as to deepen their understanding of Islamic culture. Moreover, this discussion was specifically catered students with backgrounds in social sciences. The students in attendance included Ashley Jenkins, Mick Mayer, Chris Goldrick, Kieran Davern, and David Bateman from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) as well as Kota Nakagome from the Japanese Embassy.

Discussion classes at Wisma Bahasa are designed to encourage our students to practiced their Indonesian proficiency through discussion. We also provide all students with the opportunity to lead discussion classses on any topic of their choice. These topics range from the students research to their personal experiences and their social issues in their home countries. The only condition is that the presentation must be delivered in Indonesian. All students and teachers at Wisma Bahasa are welcome to contribute by asking questions or giving their own opinion.    

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