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H.E. Pradeep Kumar Rawat’s Visit at Wisma Bahasa

On June 21 to 23, 2019, His Excellency Pradeep Kumar Rawat, the Ambassador of India to Indonesia visited Yogyakarta for attending the 70th anniversary of Indonesia and India diplomatic relations celebration.

The day before the celebration, on June 21, 2019, H.E. Pradeep Kumar Rawat visited Wisma Bahasa to discuss the Embassy of India’s plan to assign their diplomats to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Wisma Bahasa Yogyakarta for 5 months. We Thank Mr. Ambassador for the honour given to us. We do hope that this visit would be able to strengthen the cooperative relationship between Wisma Bahasa and the Indian Embassy in Jakarta.

Afterwards, the director of Wisma Bahasa received an honorary invitation to attend the commemoration. Started with the tree-planting near Candi Sewu Prambanan, continued with the opening of the photo exhibition, then concluded with dinner in Rama Shinta Garden Restaurant, together with the Deputy Minister of Tourism (Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia), the representatives of the Indian government, and the representatives of the Air Force Academy Yogyakarta.

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