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Indonesian Independence Celebration in Wisma Bahasa

To commemorate 74th years of Indonesian Independence Day, Wisma Bahasa held various competitions, such as Balloon Run, Marble Relay Race, Pencil in the Bottle Contest, and makan kerupuk (Crackers Eating) Competition in Wisma Bahasa building I on August 15, 2019. The participants including students, teachers, and staff in Wisma Bahasa were excited to take part in the competition.

In Balloon Run, participants worked in pairs and put a balloon between their heads. They should run to the side toward the finish line and started dancing when the music played in the midways.

In Marble Relay Race, participants were divided into groups of four. Each of them should hold a spoon between their teeth. The first player started running (or walking) and relay the marble to the next player’s spoon. Of course, the marble would easily fell to the ground, but this what made the game fun.

As for the Pencil in the Bottle Contest, the participants formed groups of four, a pencil is tied in a thread, and connected in four-pronged longer threads, which then each tied in member of the group’s waists.  The participants should face backward and had to try to insert the pencil in the bottle behind them. This game requires teamwork, coordination, and concentration.

The last game was Cracker Eating Competition. In this game, the round crackers were tied and hung. The participants cannot use their hands to help them eating the crackers. The winner is the person who finishes the crackers the fastest.

It was a hot afternoon, but the students, teachers and the staff were happy and enthusiastic to join in this event. Wisma Bahasa also provided traditional snacks and drink.  That day was also special since it coincides with India’s Independence Day. Mr. Sujit Khumar Bharti, one of the Indian’s diplomats who study in Wisma Bahasa, also enlivened the event by providing Indian dessert, Gulab Jamun.

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