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Indonesian Language Teachers Conduct Language Diplomacy

Wisma Bahasa Responded to a request from the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Dar Es Salam Tanzania to hold a Training of Trainers (TOT). This training was held for 3 Tanzanian citizens to become Indonesian Language Teachers for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) to the Tanzanian community.

Wisma Bahasa sent Mas Isnawan, one of the senior teachers who has been taught the Indonesian language in Wisma Bahasa for 24 years and is experienced in providing training for the new Wisma Bahasa teachers.

This program took place during the period from July 9 to August 3, 2019. The participants were four Tanzanians who are also the three-best alumni of Developing Country Partnership Scholarship. Developing Country Partnership Scholarship itself is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study the Indonesian language.

The Indonesian Embassy acts as the organizer of TOT for teaching the Indonesian Language to Foreign Speakers. The purpose of the Indonesian Embassy in organizing this program is to introduce Indonesian language to Tanzanians. This program is the embodiment of Indonesian government diplomacy through teaching Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA).

Wisma Bahasa is proud of the trust given by the Indonesian Embassy. Thank you, the Indonesian Embassy in Tanzania!

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